29/11/2020 – 02/12/2020 dia inteiro
São Paulo-SP
Hotel Renaissance


There is an emerging international consensus that scaling up the sustainable low carbon bioeconomy is an imperious necessity. The best ways and instruments to achieve this goal are also being tried by countries, entrepreneurs, and scientists around the world. Join policy makers from the 20 Biofuture Platform founding countries, industry stakeholders, researchers and others in the second edition of the Biofuture Summit, in São Paulo. Exchange lessons in national policies, innovation, technologies, financing, and supply chain management, and help build a blueprint for the global biofuture we need.

The Summit is jointly organized by the government of Brazil as a Member of the Biofuture Platform, a 20-government multilateral initiative; by the International Energy Agency (IEA), as the Biofuture Platform´s Facilitator; and by the Brazilian Association for Bioinnovation(ABBI).

The program for the event, logistics, and registration will be available soon. Participation is free for invitees, subject to availability.