The Brazilian Union of Biodiesel and Biojetfuel (Ubrabio) is a non-profit association that represents nationally the entire production chain of these biofuels. Since its inception in 2007, the entity has led the segment and acts as an interlocutor between society and government to mobilize and unite efforts, resources and knowledge in the search for the development of the sector.

Focused on collaborating with the virtuous trajectory of the National Program for the Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB), and now with RenovaBio, besides acting for the structuring of the Segment of Renewable Aviation Fuels in Brazil, Ubrabio cooperates with the execution of socioeconomic policies and contributes directly to the gradual replacement of fossil fuels in the Brazilian Energy Matrix; encouraging family farming and adding value to the raw materials produced in the country.

Our main objectives are to stimulate the production, commercialization, research, and elaboration of projects and proposals in favor of the regulatory improvement of the entire production chain, in search of predictability for the sector and evolution of the use of biodiesel tied to its positive externalities .

Ubrabio’s representation includes producers of biodiesel and bio-kerosene and the raw materials required for production, as well as equipment suppliers, agro-industries for the extraction of vegetable oil and bran, industries for chemical inputs, consumers, technologies and services related to the sector.