06/11/2018 – 09/11/2018 dia inteiro
San Francisco
Hotel Nikko (Union Square) San Francisco

About the Biofuture conference: the Global Cooperation Forum: towards a common preflight checklist for the Biofuture Takeoff is held as part of the Biofuture Platform programme of work. The Biofuture Platform is an international coalition of 20 countries – including the most relevant markets for bioenergy and bioeconomy – along with international agencies and private sector partners, created to collaborate in scaling up low carbon solutions to the transport and industry sectors. It is currently coordinated by the government of Brazil as its interim Facilitator.

The Biofuture-led Global Cooperation Forum: towards a common preflight checklist for the Biofuture will promote a debate among policy makers, international agencies, and private sector representatives about how to build a “minimum checklist” of policies and other actions that need to be in place to create the right environment and framework for the low carbon bioeconomy to take off globally. Those could include national policies such as RFS, LCFS and RenovaBio, R&D collaboration, a smart sustainability framework, communication with civil society and public opinion, adequate financing including from climate and green bonds, international targets for bioenergy and biorefineries.

The delegates will be asked for their opinions about how an internationally agreed minimal agenda/checklist/action plan could be put together, what it should contain, and how to rally stakeholders around it. The conclusions will feed into the work of the Biofuture Platform, which has been formally mandated by the member countries to build an action plan, specific targets, and a monitoring mechanism to implement its Vision Declaration.

About ABLC Global 2018

Live Attendance: 600+ delegates – primarily high-level, director and above. ABLC 2018 in DC had 550 delegates.
Global audience: 6,000 follow the conference live and on-demand via BioChannell.TV
Dates: November 6-9 at the Hotel Nikko (Union Square) San Francisco. Lab tours and private organizational meetings are on the 6th, and the main conference stage is open the 7th through the 9th.

ABLC Global 2018 is 17 distinct conferences in 1 — the Biochemical Conversion Summit, the Thermal Conversion Summit, The Global Actions Forum, the Global Cooperation Forum, the Global Bioeconomy Forum, the Disruptive Technology Forum, the Advanced Nutrition Summit, the Digital Biology Summit, the Advanced Agriculture Summit, the Financing & Investing Workshop, the Biogas Forum, the Innovative Conversion Technologies Summit, the Advanced Biofuels Summit, Sustainable Feedstocks Summit, and the Biomass Production & Mobilization Summit, and the Advanced Thermal Treatment Forum.

Additional events: ABLC includes the live on-stage announce of the Hot 40 (the 40 Hottest Emerging Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy), the Hot Party reception; the annual State of the Industry opening evening event, and National Laboratory Tours including JBEI, the AgileBioFOundry, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit).